You’re using Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Ancient Gardener wrong according to players

Noelle Corbett
Sprinkler in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have discovered the game’s Ancient Gardeners include a brilliant design secret that you probably overlooked.

Last year’s A Rift in Time expansion added an easier way to take care of crops for those with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DLC in the form of the Ancient Gardener. However, it’s taken until now for fans to discover the true brilliance of the device’s design.

As pointed out by Reddit user westbee, “the Ancient Gardeners all connect to form a circle.”

Each individual Ancient Gardener takes care of a certain number of tiles based on placement and the level of the machine: Basic, Regular, or Advanced. Putting them together allows them to connect in a visually satisfying way that’s also more convienent.

As the poster explains, they previously had their Gardeners in each corner, but “got tired of running to each corner” when replanting crops. Upon rearranging them, the players discovered “they are supposed to be like that.”

This means, if you’re using all Advanced Ancient Gardeners, you can easily care for 140 crops, a revelation that has players rethinking their own garden designs.

“You have just made pumpkin farming x25 times easier, THANK YOU!!!” said one commenter.

Others praised the poster, with one saying “You, my friend, are an absolute genius.”

There is one limitation to this, though. As others have pointed out, you can only have four Ancient Gardeners in a single biome, meaning you can’t have more than one of these multi-part contraptions in any single area.

Also, while they look like one cohesive machine, you’ll still need to interact with all four Gardeners individually.

Regardless, placing Ancient Gardnerers this way seems like the most efficient option – perhaps even what the developers intended.

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