Disney Dreamlight Valley players demand major change to levels in future update

Jessica Filby
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Disney Dreamlight Valley players are calling for level changes in a future update, with many looking for key features to be added.

From the moment Disney Dreamlight Valley came out in early access, the max level was instantly set to 40. While that’s a pretty high number to reach, it wasn’t long until players began reaching that level, cashing in all the rewards they got along the way.

However, now the game’s over a year old, players are wondering whether the level cap will eventually change, with tons of fans calling for a change in a future update, among the addition of other key leveling features.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley players want changes to levels in future update

Sharing their frustration on Reddit, one user asked the community whether anyone gets slightly annoyed that the max level is 40.

“I just noticed this while playing I find it kinda weird and dumb that the max level you can get is 40” they added, explaining how they find the level cap limiting and far too small.

While 40 certainly seems like a high enough number, many fans found themselves reaching this cap far too early into the game, even before unlocking all the regions in Disney Dreamlight Valley: “It’s odd how for most people you reach max level before you even unlock all the biomes. I would expect to max out after the main storyline.”

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“I’m hoping they’ll add more levels in the future” commented one fan, going on to say how “the levels don’t necessarily have to mean anything but can give you gifts or something extra.”

Rewards are a key aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley, from the treats you get during the DreamSnaps competition to Star Path rewards and handy codes. Naturally, players would be looking for more rewards based on the work they put into the game.

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However, there may be more on Gameloft’s minds than levels, especially with the upcoming updates and expansion roadmap – but it’s never impossible.

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