Twitch streamer Quin69 rages after spending $10k on Diablo Immortal and getting “nothing”

Lawrence Scotti
quin69 diablo immortal

Streamer Quin69 lost it after spending an insane $10k NZD on Diablo Immortal Rift runs which landed him zero 5-star gems to show for it.

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard Entertainment’s latest game release, dropping on both mobile devices and PC on June 2.

Most of the discussion centered around the game’s release has been on its handling of microtransactions, which many have claimed is massively predatory, costing players absurd amounts of money to max out their characters.

While many players have warned others to not get sucked into the games high cost, one streamer decided to go all in and cough up insane amounts of cash.

Diablo Immortal is the franchise’s first release for mobile devices.

Twitch streamer blows $10k on Diablo Immortal

Quin69 was live on June 7 when he streamed Immortal for over 13 hours.

During the broadcast, he claimed he would not stop spending $25 on Elder Rift entree fees until he landed himself a coveted 5-star Legendary gem.

Unluckily for him, this ended up lasting the entire stream as he never once got a Legendary gem, but wouldn’t stop dumping huge amounts of money into the game.

Once he hit $10,000 NZD spent, he completely lost his mind screaming and jumping around his streaming room.

“That’s right, b**ch, I spent $10,000 and got nothing! This is a great game!” he shouted

Quin ended his rant by sarcastically mocking the gaming company, “Blizzard should be proud. Who needs $10,000 anyway? What would I buy, a car? Pay my child’s entire schooling through 18? Have my money Blizzard, take my money!”

His outburst highlights that even after spending such an insane amount of money, players aren’t even guaranteed to get the specific valuable resources they’re after like a 5-starred gem. So far, Blizzard has yet to respond to the viral outburst.

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