Diablo Immortal microtransactions could run players more than $110k

gameplay of Diablo ImmortalBlizzard

Diablo Immortal has made headlines for its aggressive microtransaction tactics but one analyst suggests the game could ultimately run high-level players over 100k. 

Diablo Immortal is the franchise’s first foray into mobile gaming and even though the gameplay is a slamdunk, the game’s microtransaction strategy has turned out to be quite unpopular.

While it might not be hard for popular streamers like Asmongold or Shroud to drop a mortgage-sized payment on Legendary Crests, it’s a different story for the average player and it has caused a bit of an uproar so far.

Here’s how the system breaks down and why it’s so expensive.

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Diablo Immortal microtransactions could rack up a huge bill

diablo immortal demon hunter female shoots two crossbowsBlizzard Entertainment
Lootboxes are always a hot topic in gaming but Diablo Immortal’s system may be the most pricey yet.

To understand the huge jump in costs compared to other titles in the series, it’s important to remember that the mobile game economy has always been different from its console counterparts.

In order to upgrade a post-game character, players need to collect Legendary Gems. This is the game’s premium currency and currently can’t be unlocked in any other way than purchasing the aforementioned Crests (which act like the loot boxes from Overwatch.)

There are different ranks to these gems and the goal is to get 5-Star gems up to Rank 10, making them the most powerful version of themselves possible.

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One fan-turned-analyst over on Reddit estimated that this could take roughly 100 Crests per gem bringing the total to around $45,000 just to reach the initial power cap.

Legendary Crests in Diablo ImmortalBlizzard Entertainment
DI’s microtransactions have the community raising their collective eyebrows.

After reaching this point, players gain access to boards that further enhance the strength of each gem.

By opening up more 5-Star gem slots, the amount of cash needed to hit max takes another sharp leap: “In order to go from 40/50 to 50/50 on your 5 gems resonating boards, you would have to spend about another $50-60,000.”

Since all of this effort is technically being made just to reach the final bonus, the OP believes it’s not unreasonable to say that Blizzard is charging an exorbitant amount of money just for one final reward.

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“So the meme question is… what single line of stat boost does Blizzard think is worth $50K?” they asked.