Diablo Immortal could receive more Diablo 4 crossovers in the future

Brianna Reeves
diablo immortal crossovers

Blizzard Entertainment developers have teased that more Diablo 4 crossovers could be coming to Diablo Immortal.

To celebrate the launch of Diablo 4, Diablo Immortal hosted a Lilith-themed event inspired by the former’s main antagonist.

Titled the Children of Lilith, Immortal’s Season 14 content introduced a new Two-Star Legendary Gem (Mother’s Lament), a cosmetic set molded after the Daughter of Hatred, and the Ashava world boss.

With Blizzard planning to support both titles for a long time to come, players are, of course, wondering if another collaboration could be on the horizon. A recent tease from developers suggests it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

More Diablo 4 crossovers could come to Diablo Immortal

During an interview with PCGamesN, Immortal’s Lead UX designer Chris Liao was asked if Blizzard planned on rolling out any additional collaborations between the two titles.

The developer couldn’t share any specifics about future plans. However, at the very least, Liao did tease the following, “there have been discussions about crossovers in the future.”

Senior Narrative Designer Ryan Quinn chimed in next, drawing attention to the timeline differences separating Immortal and Diablo 4. Notably, Immortal fills in the blanks between the franchise’s second and third numbered entries – long before Lilith returns to Sanctuary in D4.

lilith in Diablo 4

Quinn told the publication, “We’ve seen [Immortal] events that use Ashava the Pestilent from Diablo 4, and I think if we can get around that timeline challenge, we want to harness as much of the Diablo universe as we can.”

He went on to note that the team must be mindful of striking a good balance. “I think we want to more borrow themes and tones and things that feel like elements of Diablo 4 than necessarily characters.” And since Immortal’s set between Diablo 2 and 3, Quinn joked, “I don’t think we’re at the stage where we want to introduce time travel just yet!”

It seems Blizzard hasn’t decided how much more the worlds of Diablo Immortal and D4 will intersect in crossover events. Still, fans can continue to enjoy the fresh content coming to both in the weeks, months, and – probably – years ahead.

Immortal’s Blood Knight class enters the fray on Thursday, July 13. Meanwhile, Diablo 4 Season 1 arrives on Thursday, July 20.