Diablo Immortal getting Lilith-themed items for Diablo 4 launch event

diablo immortal Lilith eventBlizzard Entertainment

Lilith themed-cosmetics are coming to Diablo Immortal for a Diablo 4 launch event that kicks off in early June.

Popular mobile game Diablo Immortal will celebrate its one-year anniversary on June 2, the very same day that Diablo 4 launches across PC and consoles.

As the main antagonist in Diablo 4, Mephisto’s daughter, Lilith, has essentially become the fast of the latest mainline entry. Thus, her namesake and likeness have been repeatedly used for marketing the game, including for Burger King promos and a Milan Fashion Week collaboration.

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Blizzard will next pay homage to Lilith in Diablo Immortal crossover content, which arrives in a few short weeks.

Diablo 4’s Lilith to raise hell in an upcoming event for Immortal

The crew at Blizzard Entertainment has big plans for Diablo Immortal’s first-year anniversary. The team intends to celebrate by hosting a Diablo 4 Launch Celebration x Diablo Immortal event.

Since Lilith created Sanctuary alongside Inarius, it makes sense for Immortal’s upcoming Merciless Monstrosity event, Children of Lilith Battle Pass, and Hatred’s Heritage Phantom Market to honor her.

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Immortal players can also expect these “experienceable expressions” of the matriarch to manifest in Lilith-themed cosmetics. Fortunately, all of the above will go live in Immortal in early June.

diablo immortal Lilith eventBlizzard Entertainment

In addition to the Lilith event, Diablo Immortal players can also look forward to starting the main questline’s next chapter on an unspecified date in mid-June. It’ll feature side stories, Bounties, a new PvP Zone Event, and previously unseen enemy types.

Blizzard will also celebrate Immortal’s anniversary by introducing a new Class sometime in July. The Class centers around a mid-range playstyle that employs a classic weapon type.

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An excerpt from the studio’s latest blog post teases the forthcoming Class will “bleed new blood into the Diablo universe.