Diablo 4 players trash World Bosses for not providing enough of a challenge

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 world bosses

Frustrated Diablo 4 players exploring the endgame content are bashing World Bosses for not feeling difficult or rewarding enough.

A new feature, World Bosses in the latest Diablo offer epic battles that players can take on with fellow users. Three such beasties feature in the game as of now, Ashava, Avarice, and the Wandering Death.

Though all three drop the same loot, each one has a small chance to drop a unique cosmetic item. Many Diablo 4 players have already dismissed these rewards as “absolute garbage.”

It seems some aren’t happy about how quickly the bosses succumb to their wounds either, since World Tier 4 fights end a little too easily.

Diablo 4 fans say World Bosses aren’t “rewarding or difficult”

“Average World Tier 4 World Boss Experience,” reads the caption on a Reddit post about D4’s World Bosses. The accompanying gameplay footage shows a group of players killing Ashava the Pestilent in approximately 16 seconds.

Needless to say, this isn’t how players envision their battles against endgame bosses who are supposed to represent some of Diablo 4’s biggest threats.

One Reddit user who responded to the post slammed the feature for not being “rewarding or difficult.” They continued, “I don’t even know why [the] world bosses exist, they go down faster than some world trash mobs…”

Other replies show many members of the community have become disillusioned by the World Boss feature. “At this point, the world boss may as well be a big rock or crystal that comes out the ground every few hours that players have to hit a few times to break and receive a bit of (mostly useless) loot.”

“Wow! So much fun! Great endgame content,” another Redditor wrote sarcastically. Meanwhile, someone else pointed out Ashava’s uselessness by noting that the boss “didn’t even attack.”

For now, players can only hope Diablo 4’s World Bosses improve as time goes on. And maybe the first of such improvements will rear its head in Season 1, considering Season of the Malignant is supposed to introduce a new World Boss named Varshan the Consumed.

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