Diablo 4 players say “no thanks” to Twitch drops featuring pricey horse skin

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 twitch drops

Blizzard plans on hosting a Diablo 4 “Support a Streamer” campaign, with one of the Twitch drops basically being a $10 horse skin.

With Diablo 4’s launch quickly approaching, Blizzard continues to find ways to promote the experience. The company’s partnered with fast-food chains in recent months, with KFC offering early beta access in March to those who purchased the Double Down sandwich.

And late last year, Burger King Japan celebrated the new title with a spicy burger named in Lilith’s honor. As many would expect, Blizzard has also joined forces with Twitch for the impending release.

The studio will host a “Support a Streamer” campaign next month, which should include several Twitch drops. But one, in particular, already has players skeptical of its value.

Diablo 4 Twitch drops include a horse skin worth $10

A Reddit user and Twitch streamer has shared a screenshot of a message Blizzard sent regarding its Support a Streamer Program.

From June 5 through July 2, the Twitch campaign will reward viewers with the “exclusive Diablo IV Primal Instinct Mount for purchasing two subscriptions across participating channels.”

Subscriptions cost $4.99 a pop, meaning this specific mount will cost Diablo 4 players $10, or $12 for those who pay on mobile.

Some Redditors have already voted to sit out on this particular promotion. “So that’s basically twelve dollars for a scary-looking horse?” one user asked. Said another person, “So basically spend money, get mount. No thanks, I’m good.”

The thread features a few other “no thanks” comments from disinterested fans. “No thanks. Any third-party bulls**t can f**k right off.”

Others seem even more skeptical of the marketing tactic, with one person arguing: “This exists to incentivize big Streamers to play the game, who might not do so otherwise or for longer than they normally would. This is basically Blizzard outsourcing marketing costs to the fans.”

Community Lead PezRadar joined the conversation to clear up some of the confusion about Diablo 4’s Twitch drops. The developer told fans, “We will have standard viewing Drops requirements as well. Not just this.”

What the other Twitch drops may entail remains to be seen. However, more information should surface sooner rather than later, given that Diablo 4 launches on June 2.

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