Diablo 4 fan praises Helldivers 2 for monetizing game “without greed”

Eliana Bollati
Promotional art for Diablo 4 and Helldivers 2 side by side

Diablo 4 fans have been discussing the merits of the monetization in Helldivers 2, with one player claiming Blizzard could “learn a lot” from their strategy.

Helldivers 2 has had a tremendous launch, with so many concurrent players logging in to enjoy the game, the servers can hardly handle it. Now, the success of the top-down shooter has fans of other games discussing its merits too

One Diablo 4 player posted a thread on Reddit recently, claiming that, unlike Blizzard, Arrowhead’s monetization strategy was “without greed.”

Helldivers 2 Melee Weapons
Helldivers monetization strategy includes bonus and upgrades, unlike Diablo 4’s purely cosmetic items.

“Blizz wants to encourage more people to become whales.” Said one, discussing the possible reasoning behind the price point of Blizzard’s bundles and in-game currency.

However, not all fans were convinced, with many coming to the defense of Blizzard’s strategy. “A company only charges what the consumers are willing to pay. Arguing that “Blizzard has a lot to learn” is kind of pathetic. They know exactly what they’re doing.” Was one such scathing reply.

Others pointed out “the monetization in Diablo IV is for cosmetics only…” In contrast to Helldivers 2 where players who pay for the battle pass receive additional game play perks.

diablo 4 cosmetics
Players have expressed their disappointment over the cost of cosmetics in Diablo 4 in the past.

“D4 is perfect monetization for me. So expensive I am not remotely tempted to buy anything!” One D4 player joked, before going on to say as the items in Diablo were purely cosmetic, they never felt like they were missing out by not purchasing them. With all that in mind, it seems the community remains split on the topic of monetization for now.