Leaked Blizzard survey could indicate that Diablo 4 will get DLC costing $100

John Esposito
Leaked Blizzard survey could indicate that Diablo 4 will get DLC costing $100Blizzard Entertainment

A leaked survey has come through, gauging player interest in potential Diablo 4 DLC costing more than anticipated.

Diablo 4 hit the ground running when it arrived, with rave reviews across the board for Blizzard’s return to the Diablo franchise. However, the fires burned out pretty quickly as player frustration mounted over end-game concerns and a shaky first season.

It’s currently in its second season, and player feedback has been generally positive, as this season has been a large improvement over the first. Yet, Blizzard stumbled a bit during its BlizzCon ceremony, with an announcement on an upcoming expansion leaving some fans displeased.

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The hits keep on coming, as a leaked survey has detailed what could be heinous pricing models for upcoming Diablo 4 DLC.

Leaked survey indicates Diablo 4 DLC prices could be high

The leaked survey was sent to YouTuber Bellular News (comments start at 4:30 point in the video), who shared insight into what Blizzard may have planned for Diablo DLC.

According to the survey, the pricing model presented four options – $50, $70, $80 and $100 bundles. As expected, each option would provide players with in-game benefits, such as Platinum, the in-game currency.

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The problem lies in the additional benefits, as some bundles will provide players with legendary aspects and unique items. Typical jargon players don’t want to hear regarding DLC, especially for the maligned Diablo 4.

Unfortunately, this isn’t anything that Activision, Blizzard’s parent organization, hasn’t already introduced. Recent Call of Duty titles have included a standard and a “Vault” edition, with the latter including similar benefits hinted at in this leaked survey.

Along with that, Overwatch 2 has had this red flag raised. Leaked surveys surfaced, pointing to in-game cosmetics reaching $45 pricing, which is absurd.

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That said, these are surveys, and not indicative of the final product. However, Diablo Immortal showed how far Blizzard was willing to push the envelope when it came to monetization.

Stay tuned as more information is revealed on the upcoming Diablo 4 DLC.

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