Diablo 4 players joke that Treasure Goblin’s useless drops are due to inflation

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 treasure goblin

Accepting that Diablo 4’s Treasure Goblin has nothing on its predecessors, players now joke that goblins are battling with inflation.

Even during the game’s Server Slam, Diablo players realized the Treasure Goblin wasn’t what they hoped. Players claimed they ran into over a dozen of the hoarding creatures, none of whom managed to drop a single Legendary item.

Fortunately, developers answered the call, promising the issue would be addressed ahead of Diablo 4’s full release. But the Treasure Goblin’s disappointing drops have yet to cease, with users still waiting for better pickups.

Some members of the community seemed to have moved on, though, accepting that the new Treasure Goblin won’t measure up to its Diablo 3 counterpart.

Diablo 4 fans laugh to keep from crying about the Treasure Goblin

Passed the point of asking Blizzard for Treasure Goblin improvements, Reddit user AzizLiIGHT says they simply want a name change for the character.

The Redditor argues says the current label is a misnomer since it misleads players into thinking D4’s treasure goblin is similar to the D3 creature who’d “typically drop rare loot when killed.”

They continue, arguing that simply changing the name would avoid “confusion and not cause players to be disappointed when encountering it.”

Other users in the thread tend to agree that it’s time to accept Diablo 4’s Treasure Goblin for what it is. But some took the notion a bit further, joking that maybe inflation has impacted Sanctuary, as well.

Wrote one user, “HE IS DOING HIS BEST OKAY? It used to be a Treasure Goblin but inflation took a toll on him. He has to pay bills too. What’s your problem man?”

“Sanctuary is under heavy inflation right now. Every time someone tries to go into tunnels to mine, they get injured and have to wait for an adventurer to come by to rescue them,” someone else said in jest about the “save injured adventures” objective, adding that the Treasure Goblin is “doing the best he can.”

Another Diablo 4 player suggested calling the creatures “net income after taxes goblin.”

It appears many fans have had their fill of requesting goblin changes and are now trying to laugh through the pain of constant disappointment.