Diablo 4 dev shares promising update on Treasure Goblin loot drops

diablo 4 treasure goblinBlizzard Entertainment

A Diablo 4 developer has shared a promising update for players who were disappointed by Treasure Goblin loot drops during the Server Slam.

Treasure Goblins appeared in Diablo 3 and Immortal as harmless creatures who specialized in stealing valuables. While they won’t go on the attack, players can strike the goblins in hopes of recovering valuable loot.

Fortunately, Blizzard brought the gremlins back for Diablo 4. Users who took part in the Server Slam were unimpressed, though, since the fan-favorite loot pinatas hardly dropped anything of value.

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On Reddit and other forums, Server Slam participants reported taking out several Treasure Goblins, only to receive blues in return. It seems Blizzard recently took the necessary steps to tackle the issue.

Diablo 4 buffs Treasure Goblin loot drops ahead of launch

A Twitter user reached out to Diablo’s SVP and General Manager, Rod Fergusson, shortly after the Server Slam concluded, asking the developer to investigate the Treasure Goblin issue.

The player claimed that during the Server Slam, they killed over 20 different Treasure Goblins, none of whom ever dropped a Legendary item. According to Fergusson, the problem’s already been solved.

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The developer noted in a response that Blizzard’s aware of the issue and fixed it just in time for launch next month.

Fergusson’s update quickly made the rounds on Reddit, where it garnered applause from fans. “After three beta[s], Trash Goblin finally evolved to Treasure Goblin,” said someone in jest. Another user pointed out how Blizzard appears “to be very on top of things this time around.”

Hopefully, the studio can maintain this kind of momentum as the Diablo 4 release date draws near. The long-awaited RPG will finally launch across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on Friday, June 2.

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