Diablo 4 players sick of slow mounts: “Lost Ark handles mounts better”

Andrew Highton
mount in diablo 4

While Diablo 4 players are glad they finally have mounts in the series, some fans think their implementation is lacking and have claimed that Lost Ark’s mount system is superior.

Diablo 4 changed up the established formula in several ways. Not only are World Bosses now a prevalent force throughout the land of Sanctuary, but players can traverse the map with more ease thanks to mounts. A means of traveling faster, mounts are a fairly common sight in RPGs and open-world games.

So, it was great for fervent Diablo players who were going to sink countless hours into the new game. For all the positives that they’ve brought to the title, there have been some negatives too. For instance, the dismount mechanic has been the target of criticism.

Now, players are unhappy with the speed of mounts and think the game could do with taking some notes from Lost Ark.

Diablo 4 players want mounts to be much faster

The ‘Lisa Simpson in front of a projector screen’ meme was posted to the Diablo 4 subreddit by user Ghostflop and had the following text on it: “The horse should be able to sprint in town.”

Currently, once a player enters a town or crosses an invisible checkpoint close to the town’s edges, players’ mounts will come to a leisurely trot. Whether you’re there to explore or pass through, the pace of your gameplay will slow down drastically, and Diablo 4 players want this changed.

“I feel like the horse should just always move at “sprint” speed and remove that button. What is good about barely moving faster than walking speed unless you spam a cooldown? Who asked for that? What is the redeeming value of making getting around to the sh*t you wanna do in a game clunky?” said one D4 player.

Another commenter chimed in: “When you get off your horse because it’s faster to Sprint around town,” and worse still, the community thinks that Amazon’s Lost Ark MMO actually does the system better: “Can I at least not get stifled by invisible walls, rubber banding, and a weird charge-up time before full movement- then we ought to be talking about sprinting in town. The fact Lost Ark handles mounts better is a disgrace to Diablo.”

While it’s not the biggest issue in Diablo 4 right now, with Asmongold saying that the game is bleeding players, it could do well to appease the D4 community with such a simple remedy.

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