Diablo 4 loses loyal content creators amid content drought

Rory Teale
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A popular content creator who has been streaming the Diablo series every day for the past four years has hinted he’s moving on from the game – and it’s caught the community’s attention as they worry the game is dying.

Diablo 4 has begun making headlines again after its highly anticipated release, but it is causing a stir due to players and content creators getting bored of the game.

Raxxanterax is a Diablo Twitch streamer and Youtuber with nearly 500k followers across both platforms. He started streaming on Twitch in 2019, with the goal of streaming “every day for 10 years.

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For most of those four years, he has streamed Diablo 3, but the sequel hasn’t managed to continue his love for the franchise.

Raxx admitted he’s finding it “very hard” to commit his future to Diablo 4

On September, 22, Raxx uploaded a video that left the Diablo 4 community shocked, titled “My Future as a content creator.”

In the video, Raxx opened up to viewers about his feelings about Diablo 4 and his future, and what part the game will play in his future as a content creator.

Raxx gave viewers an insight into his thoughts on Diablo 4, and why he isn’t enjoying playing the game as much anymore. “It’s no secret that Diablo 4 has not lived up to expectations,” he mentioned. Adding further, he said, “in the current iteration of the game there’s really not much to do” and that he “thinks it’s going to take them a good amount of time to fix it [Diablo 4].”

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As a result of interest in the game waning, from both the community and Raxx himself, he admitted that he is “finding it very hard to commit my future to building on this game.” But he was quick to add that he will not stop streaming, and still intends to hit his goal of streaming every day for “10 straight years.”

Diablo 4 Ball Lightning SorcererBlizzard Entertainment

In terms of his future as a content creator, he mentioned being a “kind of like a free agent,” but having an interest in playing Last Epoch or Path of Exile. With PoE2 on the horizon, Diablo 4 has a serious competitor ahead that’ll be vying for interest from its waning playerbase.

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Raxx’s fans were sad but understood why the content creator mentioned moving on from Diablo, despite the streamer reassuring that he would still find time to stream Diablo 4 and keep in touch with the community. “Game sucks and is boring,” was the top comment on a Reddit post linking to Raxx’s video.

Raxx isn’t the only content creator to move on from Diablo 4 after a disappointing launch and content draught. Asmongold also called it quits on the game, stating he was “done” with Diablo 4 back in July after what fans felt like was a lackluster season 1 update.

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But Blizzard’s developers for Diablo 4 still have hope for the future of the game, despite the community’s negative feedback on the game’s current state, claiming that “to show all of Diablo 4’s Season 2: Season of Blood new content they would need around 4 hours.”

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