Diablo 4 Cellar bug is ruining Helltides for players: “I have no idea how this happened”

Ethan Dean
Diablo 4 Helltide

Running a Helltide in Hawezar? Watch out for a specific Cellar that is killing Diablo 4 players’ progress in the events.

Players who’ve finished Diablo 4’s campaign and are tackling the endgame should be no strangers to Helltides. Once every few hours a section of the map will become drenched in a blood rain and you can farm these areas for premium loot.

To do that, you need to slay hordes of powerful demons which drop Abberant Cinders. These Cinders allow you to open special chests that reward Legendary items almost without fail.

Though a rather nasty bug is ruining the experience for some players on the game’s official forums and Reddit. Multiple members of these communities have reported that entering the Cursed Cabin Cellar in Hawezar Helltides is removing all Abberant Cinders from their inventory.

In a post on the Diablo 4 forums, user Cerbearus detailed how they lost around 350 Abberant Cinders in seconds.

“Doing the Hawezar Helltide, collected ~350 Aberrant Cinders so I could open the Mystery Chests,” they said. “I headed to the Mystery Chest in Southern Fethis Wetlands, and noticed a Cellar (Cursed Cabin) right next to the chest so I ran into it.”

“When I left the Cellar, I noticed I had lost 100% of my Cinders. No death, and the Helltide still had 30 minutes left, so I have no idea how this happened,” They said. Other players chimed in reporting the same had happened to them with the exact same cellar.

A Blizzard representative spoke to PC Gamer but no fix has occurred as of yet. “The team is investigating these reports, but we do not have any specific details to share about it at this time,” the Blizzard rep said.

Diablo 4 Cellar
Cellars are mini-dungeons in Diablo 4 that sometimes house world events

With no word on when this issue will be rectified, the safest course of action may be to avoid the aptly named Cursed Cabin. It appears to be the same location that removed another player’s Cinders in the Reddit thread above.

Dexerto regularly updates info on patch notes for Diablo 4 and we’ll be sure to include this fix when it occurs.

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