Destiny 2 adds in newest faction since Forsaken with Darkness focused enemies

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Dread from Destiny 2 The Final Shape livestream

Bungie’s gameplay showcase for Destiny 2 The Final Shape provided a look into a brand-new enemy faction, which is the first since since Forsaken.

Destiny 2 is introducing a brand new enemy faction called Dread that will revolve around wielding the Darkness. This faction has the same aesthetics as a Tormentor, but each is unique and performs a different function.

Announced during the April 9 showcase, the names of the various sub-sections of the Dread faction are Grim, Subjugator, Tormentor, Husk, Weaver, and Attendant. Among these, Grim is a bat-looking enemy that has a shout ability and will shoot at Guardians from a distance. If you get hit by their shout, you will get suppressed.

The Husk is a fast-paced enemy wielding dual blades that will keep the Guardians at close distances. Once you defeat Husk, they will release small moth-like objects that will chase you and explode. The Weaver and Attendant are the Witness’ version of Scions wielding Strand and Stasis. These enemies will freeze you and pull you around and make life difficult for the Guardians.

Finally, the Subjugator is the boss-looking enemy who also can wield Stasis and Strand, but at a much larger scale. Imagine the Subjugators as a form of Tormentors but with special powers.

Players are already familiar with the Tormentors who were first introduced in Lightfall. This new enemy faction will be the first one added to the game since the Scorn from The Forsaken DLC. However, these new enemies have been tuned to the maximum to showcase the full strength of The Witness in The Final Shape.

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