Fan favorite Destiny 2 exotic missions to return on rotating basis in Lightfall

destiny 2 saeson of the seraphBungie

Bungie has revealed in a recent blog that fan-favorite exotic reward missions will be returning to Destiny 2 when Lightfall releases.

Destiny 2 is a game that’s mostly about loot and gunplay, you complete missions by killing enemies with your weapons to receive new weapons to kill more enemies with. Rinse and repeat and you’ve got a looter shooter for the ages.

Easily the best weapons in Destiny 2 come in the form of exotics, these weapons are the highest tier of quality and generally have a special or unique playstyle. Not only do they offer a unique play style, but they’re often incredibly powerful too, boasting good damage alongside their other various facets.

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However, these weapons are, as the name implies, exotic, meaning that they’re generally quite difficult to find unless you’re going out of your way to uncover them. The exception to this rule is exotics gained from exotic missions, which are generally story missions that grant the player an exotic weapon at the end. These missions are seasonal, meaning for the most part they are vaulted and locked off after being in the game for an extended period of time.

However, Bungie has now announced that certain exotic missions will be returning on a rotating basis in Season 22, the third Season of Lightfall. In their most recent blog, devs declared that specifically in Season 22, 3 different exotic missions will be returning to the rotating pool, these exotic missions are:

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  • Presage (to unlock Dead Man’s Tale)
  • Vox Obscura (to unlock Dead Messenger)
  • Operation: Seraph Shield (to unlock Revision Zero)
presage destiny 2Bungie
Presage will be one of the returning exotic missions in Season 22.

These missions all reward the player with an exotic weapon once completed. The return of older exotic missions will be a fantastic addition for new players, with old players overjoyed that they can return to some of their favorite locations.

It’s uncertain just how Bungie plans to rotate missions in and out, or how often they will be rotated. However, it’s highly likely that we’ll be seeing all of the previous exotic missions returning over time in Destiny 2.