Destiny 2 teases the return of iconic Guardian Cayde-6 in Final Shape trailer

Liam Ho
Cayde-6 in The Final Shape teaser trailer

Destiny 2 has revealed that the fan-favorite character Cayde-6 may be returning in the game’s final expansion, the Final Shape.

Destiny 2 is slowly moving toward the end of its Light and Dark saga. Starting all the way back in Forsaken, the game has been steadily expanding its story, leading up to the events in Lightfall. Throughout that time we’ve seen many changes in the game’s world and lore, with many characters shifting in unexpected ways like Crow, or characters, unfortunately, passing like Amanda Holliday.

One character that the Destiny fan base lost early on was Cayde-6. The Hunter Vanguard had been with the Guardians since the very start, unfortunately being cut down at the hands of Uldren Sov in Forsaken. Fans were devastated, with Bungie placing a memorial for the character in the tower for all to see.

It appears that Bungie isn’t entirely done with Cayde-6’s story though, as a recent trailer has revealed that the fan-favorite character may be making a return with the final expansion.

A new teaser trailer for The Final Shape released earlier has shown that Cayde is indeed alive and well, in a space rather unfamiliar to the Vanguard. The trailer opens with Ikora-Rey sitting around a campfire, lost for words.

Destiny 2 reveals Cayde-6 is alive in Final Shape teaser trailer

“I don’t even know where to begin, you’ve missed so much.”

She goes on to detail all the Guardian’s heroic deeds over the years.

“We’ve slain gods. Vanquished nightmares. Fought alongside those we once fought against. I wish you could’ve been there.”

The trailer cuts to a mysterious figure seated opposite the fire, then focusing on their weapon, the rebuilt Ace of Spades.

“Yeah, me too kiddo. But hey, we’re here now. Wherever the hell here is.”

Spacing outwards, we get a look to see Ikora and Cayde sitting in a lush mountainous range, with the mysterious portal in the background. This could potentially mean that we enter inside the portal for the Final Shape, but we’ll only know when the expansion rolls around.

Long-standing fans of the series will also notice that Nathan Fillion has returned to reprise the role of Cayde, giving the character a tone of seriousness we have not yet seen.

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