Bungie immortalizes Cayde-6 in-game with heartfelt Destiny 2 Lightfall tribute

Destiny 2 Cayde 6Bungie

Four years removed from his shocking death in the Forsaken expansion, lovable Hutner Vanguard Cayde-6 has finally been immortalized in the Destiny 2 Tower thanks to an update in Lightfall.

When Cayde met his end in a heartbreaking cinematic kickstarting the Forsaken experience, it was one of the more shocking moments in Destiny’s short history. Nathan Fillion’s iconic character would no longer be present and the Crow became enemy number one for many Guardians.

In the years that followed, this epochal moment has been referenced time and time again, but only now has Cayde received a proper tribute. With the release of the Lightfall expansion, players will now find a new memorial for the gunslinger in the updated Tower.

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A bust of the Exo can now be found just left of the Ironwood Tree. A number of flowers have been left at the makeshift tomb along with an engraving of his name. Guardians are even able to approach the bust and interact with it.

By engaging with the tribute, a number of new voice lines can be heard as other characters reminisce on Cayde’s impact.

Destiny 2 Cayde-6 tribute in the TowerBungie
A new Cayde-6 memorial can be found in the Tower following the Lightfall update.

“What is it that Cayde says? Teamwork makes the dream work?” Commander Zavala recalled with a hearty chuckle.

“Even departed sparks – like Cayde’s – still leave a trace in this luminous web we call the Light Ikora Rey followed up.

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Strangely enough, even the Crow himself, Uldren Sov, leaves a message as part of the memorial. “Wish I could have met him… Some of the stories that I’ve heard…” his recording states.

It’s certainly an endearing touch and a heartfelt tribute to one of the more influential characters in Destiny’s near-decade-long journey. Whether we’ll see anything else come from this memorial down the line, is anyone’s guess. But for now, Guardians new and experienced can all pay their tributes to the fallen hero in the Tower.