Destiny 2 players worried “biggest” Witness lore will be lost forever

Kurt Perry
The Witness origin story as revealed in Season of the Deep mission.

Destiny 2 players are worried that the narrative-defining cutscene of the Witness released during Season of the Deep will be lost forever once the season ends.

No one saw it coming but the final week of the Season of the Deep‘s seasonal quest dropped quite the bombshell. It explained the origin of the Witness and how the Darkness came to be.

Its arrival was confusing for many though. The entire Lightfall expansion hardly touched on these key topics yet a random questline tied to a time-limited and paywalled season pass offered deep insight into the Destiny universe.

It’s the cutscene’s connection to the season pass that has the community worried it could be lost in time with future players never getting to experience it.

The Witness origin story could be deleted from Destiny 2

There are concerns from Destiny 2 players that the huge reveal of The Witness’ origin story could disappear forever once Season of the Deep ends.

A passionate fan was confused as to how players that did not buy or play Season of the Deep will be given the opportunity to discover the Witness lore.

Confused on the matter they posted: “Have I missed something on this? Did Bungie say there will be an alternative to find out this lore?”

OP continued: “It’s probably one of the biggest lore dumps and it’s seemingly locked behind a Season that will be removed. Randomly playing it afterward would be bad due to the lack of context as to how this info was found. Anyone know or is this a massive oversight?”

One fan responded: “Same way they found out Calus joined the witness, or that Eramis broke free, or that Osiris was Savathun for a while, or that we are working with Caital, or Mithrax, or that Amanda died. Could continue but I think I’ve made my point.”

The implication is that Bungie has released significant lore before in time-limited content and that it isn’t that unusual for Destiny 2.

Another player not expecting much replied: “That’s the best part. They won’t. Why does it matter though, 90% of the game’s lore information has been deleted from the game anyway.”

This disgruntled user is referencing sunsetting, a controversial practice where Bungie removed entire expansions from Destiny 2. As of Lightfall, Destiny 2 no longer has sunsetting but several of its expansions have already been taken out of the game unlikely to ever return.

One more positive player believes the fix is easy enough and that Bungie will implement it: “There will probably be a big recap before the next DLC.”

Its uncertain future isn’t the only reason the cutscene revealing the origins of The Witness has come under fire. There were also concerns that some of its content may have been plagiarized from fan art after similarities were noticed.

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