Destiny 2 players tired of Savathun’s Spire speedrunners leaving them lootless

Kurt Perry
Savathun's Spire seasonal activity entrance in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 players are growing tired of their fellow Guardians speedrunning through Savanthun’s Spire and not letting teammates trigger and collect the secret chests, leaving them with less loot.

Savanthun’s Spire is the main seasonal activity for Season of the Witch. It’s a three-man activity where players are challenged to clear three randomized encounters with platforming segments in between.

These platforming segments contain secret chests that reward additional loot and Deepsight weapons once per week, per character. They offer a great method of working towards the seasonal Red Borders and reputation for the seasonal vendor.

However, that restriction of only being able to loot them once per week has resulted in higher-skilled players speedrunning the activity, ignoring the chests, and preventing their Fireteam from claiming the loot.

Savathun’s Spire secret chest limit leaves Destiny 2 fans empty-handed

A Destiny 2 player posted on Reddit complaining that their teammates were speedrunning through Savanthun’s Spire, eventually teleporting them to the final encounter and left unable to loot the secret chests.

The post pleaded: “Dear Savathun’s Spire speedrunners: Please open the chests as you go past. And wait at the last one. Over the weekend I ran into a number of speedrunners/grinders who were running through as fast as they could and skipping the chests.”

They continued: “For the love of your fireteam, please at least hit the emblems as you go past. I understand that you may already have the rewards, but they still award table rep. Which a lot of us are still looking for.”

One response agreed: “…seeing the solo steamrollers is really discouraging for someone who picked Destiny up as their first FPS. I don’t even have time to kill enemies because the majority of players can solo steamroll things like seasonal activities/Strikes, which I would argue should be the place for people of my level to improve.”

One of the branded ‘speedrunners’ explained why some players do this: “Its only 10 Rep and 300 Glimmer after you first grab it to me that’s not worth my time waiting as blunt as it is”

Another like-minded Guardian replied: “I’ll wait 30 seconds or so but I’ve seen people struggle for over 5 minutes on the platforming section before the second chest. Not waiting for that. The rep isn’t worth wasting that much time.”

The consensus among experienced players is that the rewards given after the first claim of each week are not worthwhile. Instead, it is seen as more efficient to complete the activity faster to earn Vendor Rep, with each completion giving 250 Ritual Table Reputation.

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