Destiny 2 players fed up with Bungie’s “boring” weapon designs

Kurt Perry
the title legendary smg from destiny 2's season 20 guardian games event.

Destiny 2 players have voiced that they are growing tired of the MMO’s weapon designs, believing that weapons within the same archetype all look the same.

Destiny 2 is a Sci-fi MMO released in 2019 and developed by Bungie, a studio best known for working on the older Halo games.

Much like Halo, Destiny 2 features a variety of unique locations, characters, and weapons fitting of its Sci-fi setting. Some of its guns are even directly inspired by Halo like those seen in the 30th Anniversary DLC.

Even so, the community has become fed up with the state of weapon designs, criticizing the lack of variety.

Destiny 2 players think its weapon designs are boring

Starting the conversation on Reddit, a Destiny 2 fan called out the state of Legendary weapon designs labeling them as “very boring,” and saying they all “look the same.”

The post reads: “I was scrolling through my vault the other day and realized how much weapons archetypes look the same. SMGs all have one style of look, compact, foregrip in the front, short stock. Shotguns and ARs all feel very similar visually. Every single sniper in the game is magazine loaded.”

Comparing Destiny 2’s weapon designs to real life, the post continues: “In real life, there’s so much variety in weapon design. Things like the Sten, a side loaded magazine SMG, M24 bolt action snipers, the PPSH with its drum mag, the M1941 a side magazine loaded AR.”

The thread goes on to acknowledge that this problem is less noticeable with the Exotic weapons. There are numerous unique Exotic weapons like the Sweet Business, Tommy’s Matchbook, and the Tractor Cannon.

Agreeing with the post one user responded: “If humans on Earth could come up with so many different looking designs for weapons, why can’t fantasy sci-fi foundries come up with more than 2 or 3 templates for each weapon type.”

Another player replied: “I’ve been complaining about this for years. With the exception of some exotics, every gun in this game is bland and repetitive.”

One answer offered a different perspective: “Bungie is never going to make bespoke animations for every single legendary. Even exotics only get unique reloads some of the time. Needing to reuse animations means weapons in a weapon type are going to share basically the same layout.”

With a new dungeon arriving alongside Season 21, Destiny 2 will soon introduce some new weapons. One confirmed gun on its way is an unnamed Legendary Hand Cannon that will be a reward for completing an upcoming quest.

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