Destiny 2 players discover “pay to win” movement tech exclusive to Warlocks

Kurt Perry
Strand Warlock using melee ability in Destiny 2 trailer.

A couple of Destiny 2 players have discovered a new movement tech for Warlock mains to take advantage of, but not everyone will be able to use it.

Destiny 2 is no stranger to crazy movement techs that can change how the game is played. From ShatterSkating to Boost Dashing to Swap Cancelling, there are plenty of ways to enhance Guardian movement.

Even Bungie knows how fun movement can be having added Eagar Edge back in Season 15, a Sword perk that sends the user flying forward. More recently, the arrival of Lightfall saw a grapple added with Strand letting players swing around to their heart’s content.

Most movement techs are available to everyone with the right build and a bit of practice, but a newly discovered one is only accessible to a relatively small section of Destiny 2’s player base.

Destiny 2 Warlock movement tech only works at high frame rates

A Destiny 2 player posted their discovery revealing a new movement tech. The tech allows the player to float for extended periods of time as a Warlock, with them falling so slowly it looks as though they are practically hovering.

The tech is interesting enough and may have some uses, but what was most surprising was that it appears to only work at higher frame rates.

When playing at a Framerate cap of 240 and 140, they were able to hover in place. However, when attempting to replicate the tech at 30 frames per second it wasn’t possible. They would simply fall to the ground.

At 30 FPS, it wasn’t even possible to hover while using Heat Rises, a Solar Warlock-exclusive Aspect that is supposed to let Guardians stay airborne after sacrificing a grenade. At 60 FPS and up this worked as intended.

Stunned by the discovery the players proclaimed: “It’s a frames thing, look!” before later labeling the movement tech “quite literally pay to win.”

It’s no secret that frame rate is tied to numerous physics-related aspects of Destiny 2. Perhaps the most commonly known impact of frame rate is that higher frame rates are known to increase the damage taken in certain encounters.

Leading up the Lightfall’s release there were even concerns that these bugs would handicap Guardians playing at higher frame rates. Although the resulting Root of Nightmares raid is now considered by many as one of the easiest to complete.

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