Bungie promises to fix long-bugged Destiny 2 Hunter exotic in Season 22

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Hunter in Destiny 2

On July 19, 2023, Bungie finally addressed a bug with the Liar’s Handshake Hunter exotic claiming that they will fix it in Destiny 2’s Season 22. This bug has existed since Season of Plunder and players are quite unhappy about it.

The Hunter exotic Liar’s Handshake in Destiny 2 has the Cross Counter perk where if you take damage from an enemy and hit back with a melee then you get healed. However, if you use it with the Gathering Storm super, then the perk does not work.

This bug was first reported by the players during Season of Plunder which was released last year in the game as part of the Witch Queen DLC. However, recent Reddit posts claim that the bug is still there within the game.

Bungie has replied to this situation claiming that the Liar’s Handshake bug is being worked on and will get fixed in the upcoming season.

Destiny 2 players are unhappy with exotic being bugged for so long

While Bungie did acknowledge that the bug with the Hunter exotic will be fixed in Season 22, it has been within the game since Season of Plunder, which was released almost a year ago. Hence, players are not happy that this bug has not been fixed yet.

The issue was brought forth once again very recently by a Reddit user named AMM0D, who simply posted that “liars handshake still doesn’t work correctly if you have gathering storm as your super”. Other players soon joined the discussion soon and the post currently sits with 1.5k likes and 54 comments.

One such player commented that “I will always upvote this topic whenever I see it, until it is fixed” as they showcased their frustration regarding the issue. Another player added “Don’t worry, it’ll get fixed next time an ornament comes out” while mocking the fact that Bungie does buff exotics when releasing cosmetics.

Lastly, a player also suggested that “We should flood bungie bug reports with evidence, I dont think this has been addressed once lol” as they feel it has been ignored for way too long.

However, this is not the first instance as around a month back a user named HiCracked made a post regarding this issue. That post also had comments where players expressed their frustration towards Bungie.

byu/AMM0D from discussion

In fact, some players also brought up a bug with Warlock‘s Celestial Fire ability which does not work with Heavy Handed, Felwinter’s Helm, Sunbracers, and others. This bug has also been in the game for more than a year and is still in a broken state.