Destiny 2 players can’t stop laughing at ridiculous “yeet” finisher

James Lynch

There are few actions as satisfying as using a finisher in Destiny 2, and large sections of the community are gathering to laud one particularly hilarious animation.

For the uninitiated, Destiny 2 allows players to trigger finishers on low-health enemies in PvE. When they do so, the game essentially plays a kill animation, and over the years, Bungie has added many different options for Guardians to use.

The wider community is able to unlock new finishers by completing levels in the season pass or by shopping in the Eververse Store. Though some are available for Bright Dust, which can be earned by playing the game, others require real-world currency converted to Silver in order to purchase them.

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One of those currently on offer in the latter category has attracted players’ attention thanks to its hilarious effect on enemies.

Destiny 2 finisher lets Guardians launch enemies into the distance

One player took to Reddit to share their delight at unlocking a finisher that allows their Guardian to hit an enemy into orbit.

The finisher is currently available in the Eververse Store at a relatively significant cost of 800 Silver, though some feel it is worth it purely for its comedic value. One said: “You make an interesting presentation and proposition… Deal, I am buying it.”

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Another took it even further, suggesting that finishers like this could solve any income issues Bungie may be having in the wake of significant layoffs, saying: “Hey Bungie make more YEET finishers and your monetary woes are over.”

Others pointed out that a groundswell of concern surrounding the wider game would be undermined if people keep engaging in expensive microtransactions. One added: “People be like “vote with your wallets!” The same people when there is a silly finisher.”

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With the future of Destiny 2 unclear after reports of potential delays to The Final Shape, fun finishers will not be enough to assuage the significant concerns of players. That said, punching a Cabal Incendior into the distance while we wait is nice.

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