Destiny 2 exploit gives players infinite revives & ammo in Grandmaster Nightfalls

Brianna Reeves
destiny 2 grandmaster knightfall exploit infinite lives

Destiny 2 players recently stumbled across an exploit in Grandmaster Nightfall that opens the door for infinite revives and ammo.

Considered among the sequel’s most demanding endgame activities, Grandmaster Nightfall strikes boast highly-coveted gear and weapons as rewards.

Notably, developer Bungie added Grandmaster Nightfalls to Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted earlier this week, inviting users to tackle the challenges in whichever order they see fit.

But widespread talk of a new exploit suggests the latest strike’s level of freedom extends beyond the parameters purposefully set in place by Bungie.

Destiny 2 users uncover a new Grandmaster Nightfall exploit

destiny 2 grandmaster nightfall infinite lives exploit
Season of the Haunted arrived in late May.

Bungie’s latest blog post reminded players that being “error-coded out of a non-matchmade Nightfall” now results in the ability to rejoin after logging back in. And users have already found a way to game the new system.

Citing gburch27 and FunkyMoney9 as the gamers responsible for finding the exploit, YouTuber Misleading recently posted a video instructing Destiny 2 players on how to gain instant revives and ammo during Grandmaster Nightfall.

First, the user should ensure they aren’t the host. Upon death, they’ll need to quit the game and relaunch it. A screen asking if the player wants to “Rejoin Activity” will appear shortly thereafter.

Hitting “Confirm” takes the previously deceased Guardian back to the Grandmaster Nightfall with full ammo and no loss of life.

According to Misleading, this process works across PC and consoles. It’s worth noting, though, that at least one member on the fireteam should stay alive while others take advantage of the exploit.

This tactic should work wonders for those who want to mitigate the stress of surviving a Grandmaster Nightfall. However, Bungie may patch the exploit in the near future, so players would do well to take advantage as soon as possible.