Destiny 2 players convinced a ‘hidden’ Gambit teleporter only just showed up

Liam Ho
Legion's Folly Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are convinced that a teleporter on the Legion’s Folly Gambit map only just appeared, with many unaware of its existence since the game mode launched.

Bungie’s massively popular looter shooter Destiny 2 offers players plenty of things to do whilst exploring the galaxy. Whether that be hanging out relaxing at the tower, coordinating with other guardians in a raid setting, or taking down said guardians in The Crucible, Destiny 2 is basically a playground for players to enjoy. Bungie is well aware of this fact and is constantly introducing new activities for players to partake in.

One such activity that was introduced all the way back in the Forsaken expansion was Gambit. Gambit was an exciting 4v4 PvEvP mode that saw players face off in a race to summon and defeat a primeval. While rather unique, the game mode was enjoyed for a while after it was released, but the game fell out of favor and players generally moved on.

Since that time the game mode has existed in a dormant state, with players still possibly hopping in for weekly rewards. As such the amount of ambit matches players partake in has drastically dropped, and could be the reason why so few players knew about this insane hidden teleporter.

Destiny 2 players shocked by a teleporter barely anyone knew about

Found on the map of Legion’s Folly, the Nessus-inspired Gambit map features teleporters to help players cover distance across the arena. Alongside these teleporters is a huge drill that digs deep into the surface of the map. For many. This would assumably be a death pit, as walking into a large active mining drill often is. However, those who did know were able to gain a massive advantage in teleporting to a different zone.

Destiny 2 players seemed to be split on the matter, with even some veterans admitting they’ve never seen the teleporter before.

“Um yeah sure I knew that was there how could someone with 5k hours in game not know that? Right guys, right?” one player sheepishly admitted.

One user swore they attempted to go through the portal, but were killed by the drill.

“I was gonna say, I could’ve sworn I’ve tried this and died” they stated.

However, others were shocked by how few knew about this secret teleporter. After all, Dexerto can confirm this is nothing new. The teleporter has been present on the map since Gambit first came into the mix.

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Despite all the shock going on about the teleporter, it’s unlikely the Destiny 2 community will hop into a game of Gambit just to find out.