Destiny 2 player jumpscared when a ship collides with them from underground

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Cabal Ship

A Destiny 2 player was jump scared when a massive Fallen ship suddenly collided with them from underground whilst exploring Europa.

Destiny 2 is a huge huge game for players to mess around in. With multiple different planets and locations to visit, enemies to slay, and raids to complete, the sheer scale of the game is enormous. A massive sandbox like the one in Destiny can often mean bugs and glitches occur, as the several moving parts of the game can sometimes clash with one another in unexpected and hilarious ways.

Oftentimes, the most notable quirks come as a result of the way physics can work in Destiny 2 and how certain units and vehicles interact with each other. For example one of the most infamous enemies in Destiny 2 are the Phalanxes who have the capability of knocking Guardians away with their shield. Due to the physics in Destiny 2 however, the knockback can be far more lethal, essentially one-shotting the Guardian by launching them to kingdom come.

Another unit that can often have issues with the physics engine in Destiny 2 is the many ships the enemies pilot. The ships in Destiny 2 generally don’t interact with the player often, and when they do, it can result in rather buggy moments. One Guardian found this out the hard way when they were suddenly ambushed by a ship from underneath the ground during a recent session.

Destiny 2 player accidentally unearths buggy Fallen Skiff

Reddit user CheekyCheeks014 was exploring the Jupiter moon of Europa when suddenly the ground lifted from underneath them. It turns out that this wasn’t actually the ground and instead was a Fallen ship known as a Skiff. The ship, which was clearly not supposed to be in the ground seemingly had glitched and become stuck there, only to have Cheeks unearth it in a frightening manner.

Cheeks was completely baffled as they dropped to critical health, amazed at the new strategy the Fallen had been cooking up. They stared in absolute awe as the very normal Skiff spun rapidly out of control and suddenly disappeared into the map once again. Truly a majestic sight.

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