Destiny 2 player highlights “tiring” cheating issues in multiplayer

James Lynch
Guardian about to stun an Overload Champion in Destiny 2

At its very best, Destiny 2 offers some of the best PvP and PvE shooter gameplay out there. Unfortunately, it has often been beset by significant issues, whether those are of Bungie’s own making or not.

In the game’s myriad PvP modes, players always look for a slight edge over their opponents. Whether that be through finely tuned weapons or unique builds, all is fair in the Crucible. Unfortunately, some don’t consider that enough and choose to take their need for victory a step too far.

There are several main ways that people cheat in Destiny 2. As with other shooters, some turn to aim bots or wall hacks to improve their targeting to inhuman levels artificially. Others use glitches to reach areas where they can’t be hit or to fly above the battlefield and rain down destruction.

In a staggering example of the latter, one player’s experience underlines the scale of the problem on Bungie’s hands.

Destiny 2 player killed by enemy flying above the map

In a post on Reddit, one user shared a deeply annoying clip of a cheater flying high above the PvP map Vostok, killing them immediately after spawning.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they were killed by the same player straight after respawning for a second time. With the player way out of typical sightlines and capable of moving across the entire map in a matter of seconds, they had little to no chance of getting the kill first.

Many responses to the post express dismay that this is such a prevalent issue so long after release. One said: “These guys aren’t even the worst. I’d much rather play against these guys who are CLEARLY cheating than against people using wall hacks, aim bots or Xim/Chronus with scripts.”

Another suggests Bungie are failing to prioritize, saying: “They fucked over the Linux community, but can’t even keep cheaters out of their game. Considering how they treat the veteran employees it’s not surprising.”

Though PvP isn’t for everyone, many feel as though the developer has failed to make significant steps to combat cheaters. With The Final Shape releasing in June, time will tell if the game’s conclusion brings substantial changes.