Destiny 2: Lightfall’s final raid boss made for six players has been soloed

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares

Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares raid boss Nezarec has been completely soloed by 1 Guardian, despite Bungie designing the encounter with 6 players in mind.

Raids in Destiny 2 are by far some of the most difficult content players can take on within the looter shooter. These raids often involve complex mechanics to be solved, as well as throwing tonnes of enemies and bosses your way to try and take you down. Encounters within these raids are, generally speaking, designed for 6 players in total, so that everyone can split the responsibilities between them.

The Root of Nightmares was the most recent raid released into Destiny 2 with Lightfall. This raid sees Guardians enter a pyramid ship that is teeming with a strange force of life. That strange force of life was provided by the Traveller, who whilst in its defense accidentally awoke a foe once dead for humanity.

One thing players noticed immediately about The Root of Nightmares was how easy the raid was to complete. Many players were able to clear the raid within the first or second day of release, even on the harder contest mode difficulty. The raid currently has one of the highest clear rates out of every single raid in the Destiny franchise, and has higher-end raiders scratching their heads, wondering where the difficulty was.

The Root of Nightmares’ Nezarec encounter cleared by a solo Guardian

However, one player has gone above and beyond the player base and has now completed the final encounter Nezarec, completely solo. YouTuber and Destiny 2 Guardian TheSnazzyRock uploaded a video of their solo clear, to the amazement and praise of the entire raiding community.

SnazzyRock’s clear of Nezarec was the World’s first solo clear of the encounter, meaning they were able to perform the mechanics, AD clear, and then DPS the boss down as a single Guardian.

Destiny 2 has a history of players attempting to solo difficulty content, from Grandmaster Nightfalls to raids, the PvE community has always strived to push the limits of what Guardians/ players can pull off.

Bungie has noted that Nezarec is currently behaving unusually whilst a Guardian in a Well of Radiance. They’ve announced in a recent TWAB that they have plans to adjust Nezarec’s behavior sometime in the near future. However, SnazzyRock’s clear of Nezarec is nonetheless impressive and details the limits of what the Destiny 2 player base can do.