Destiny 2 players sweep Root of Nightmares with mass clears and flawless runs

destiny 2 root of nightmares nezarecBungie

Destiny 2’s newest raid for Lightfall has been demolished by the community, with a mass amount of contest mode clears, flawless runs and even boss speed kills.

Raids in Destiny 2 are easily the pinnacle of end-game PvE content within the game. They offer players fantastical spectacles with difficult encounters for some of the best loot within the game. However, most of the time raids are quite challenging and require a fireteam of up to 6 members to successfully complete.

The newest raid, Root of Nightmares was recently released as a part of the Lightfall expansion and saw players dealing with the recently resurrected Nezarec. The raid takes place in one of the pyramid ships and contains four encounters for players to traverse through. These encounters can vary from races against the clock to full blown out boss encounters, where all Guardians need to band together to take them down.

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However, it appears that the Root of Nightmares may not have quite as nightmarish for the player base as previously thought. Lightfall’s premiere raid was exceedingly easy for the community to complete, with massive amounts of raiders able to blitz through the raid, even on the more difficult contest mode.

Root of Nightmares demolished with insanely high clear rate

A user on Reddit has reported that the Root of Nightmare’s clear rate was much higher than other raids, almost 10x higher than some of the more recent raids. This may be an indication that The Root of Nightmares was simply too easy for the general player base.

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This easiness was shown even more by high-end raiders, who cleared the raid and then went above and beyond. High-level raiders were able to clear the raid flawlessly while on contest mode, meaning they completed the entire raid without any of them dying a single time, all with the higher difficulty enabled.

This itself is an incredible challenge, as even a small mistake within a raid can cause the entire team to wipe. Add contest mode on top of this, where enemies are tougher and Guardians are weaker, and it makes for quite a challenge. However, it seems that The Root of Nightmares was easily outfought by the top of the raiding community, attesting to the lower difficulty.

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Now with contest mode removed from the raid, Destiny 2 players have found ways to absolutely demolish the raid, and were able to clear the final boss Nezarec in under 20 seconds.

Using specific loadouts, players were able to one-phase Nezarec, get him to enrage, and then kill him afterward. Players have noted that Nezarec has rather low health in comparison to other Destiny 2 raid bosses, making him one of the easier ones to take down.

It’s unlikely Bungie looks to tune the Root of Nightmares, as they haven’t done so with any previous raids. However, it may be on the cards considering how easy the raid turned out to be.

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