Destiny 2 devs making Root of Nightmares boss more difficult amid Nezarec backlash

Destiny 2 Nezarec the final god of pain root of nightmares bossBungie

Destiny 2’s most recent TWAB revealed Bungie’s plans to make Lightfall’s Root of Nightmares boss Nezarec more difficult after player backlash.

Lightfall has definitely been a mixed bag for Destiny 2. The penultimate expansion in the Light and Dark saga has brought plenty of highs and lows with its wealth of content. Whilst the story of Lightfall itself was certainly divisive, players enjoyed the new location in Neomuna and the new Strand subclass.

Unfortunately, the Root of Nightmares raid was considered a pretty controversial one at launch, as the difficulty of the raid itself felt off to many players. Root of Nightmares has one of the highest clear rates of all raids despite being on contest mode. Many high-end raiders such as Datto were disappointed with the execution of the raid, yearning for a return to more difficult prestigious content.

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One of the reasons why Root of Nightmares was so effortlessly cleared was due to the weakness of its final boss Nezarec. Ironically named “The Final God of Pain”, Nezarec was an absolute pushover in the eyes of many Destiny 2 players, with some even making it a challenge to two-man him on contest mode.

An issue was found with Nezarec where Guardians could stand in a Well of Radiance, and Nezarec would just stop responding to them. This was deemed a pretty critical bug, as it really reduced the difficulty of the encounter, while also making his DPS phase that much easier. Fortunately, Bungie was made aware of the issue and has been looking for ways to make Nezarec live up to his name.

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destiny 2 nezarec rising in the root of nightmares raidBungie
Bungie is looking to make Nezarec a little more nightmare-ish.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie to make changes to Nezarec’s behavior

Bungie has announced in their recent TWAB that they’re discussing changes to Nezarec’s behavior, specifically when facing Guardians in a Well of Radiance. Their TWAB stated that “While it is our philosophy to avoid making dramatic tuning changes to an activity once it is live, we feel it better to address the responsiveness of the boss and accept that it may alter current strategies and increased the level of challenge.”

Bungie has yet to announce when these changes will make it to the Root of Nightmares, but it seems that they’re looking to raise the challenge that Nezarec poses in the near future.

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It’s also likely that we’ll see a shift in strategy from Guardians when facing Nezarec, as it appears Bungie wants to move away from the ‘everyone stand in a Well of Radiance and DPS’ strategy.