World’s first Destiny 2 solo flawless Vault of Glass completed after nine years

Kurt Perry
Destiny 2 guardian holding Vex Mythoclast after completing Vault of Glass raid.

Destiny 2 PvE specialist The SnazzzyRock has become the first ever player to clear Vault of Glass solo while going flawless, nine years after the raid was first released.

On September 16, 2014, Vault of Glass became the Destiny franchise’s first-ever raid. It launched alongside the base game with a Light Level of just 130 – a modest value compared to the 1810 Lightfall is currently at.

Just Destiny’s other raids, Vault of Glass is designed to be taken on by a team. Be that an LFG group or a dedicated clan, solo players aren’t supposed to clear them.

Yet one of the most talented PvE players has managed to not only clear Vault of Glass solo but even went flawless in the process marking a world’s first.

Destiny 2’s first ever solo flawless VoG clear is done

Streaming on his Twitch channel on November 2, Destiny 2 PvE specialist The SnazzzyRock managed to complete the first-ever solo flawless Vault of Glass clear across the franchise’s history.

The phenomenal run took 55 minutes and features some of the most impressive mechanical play possible in Bungie’s looter shooter.

Throughout the run, The SnazzzyRock used ten loadouts utilizing 21 different weapons, two subclasses, and five Exotic armor pieces to clear VoG’s seven encounters with each providing a unique challenge for a solo player.

Reacting to the feat, The SnazzzyRock said: “I dont even know what to say, i actually was able to complete this. This challenge has never been done before in destiny, not even in destiny 1. Its insane how this basically took 10 years to clear if you consider destiny 1. I dont even know how to process this moment. I am SO unbelievably happy to say that i did this.”

He explained that no one has managed to clear VoG solo flawlessly despite it being the oldest raid in Destiny. Also, this particular clear was especially emotional as it followed two failed runs that were ended by bad luck on Atheon, the raid’s final boss.

Here’s every weapon The SnazzzyRock used on the loadouts during his Vault of Glass run:

Apex PredatorCartesian CoordinateEriana’s VowFatebringer (Timelost)
Forbearance (Adept)GjallarhornHeritageHung Jury SR4 (Adept)
Osteo StrigaPersuaderRetraced PathStaccato-46
The ImmortalThe Other HalfTomorrow’s Answer (Adept)Tractor Cannon
TruthtellerVerglas CurveWitherhoardXenophage
Zaouli’s Bane

The SnazzzyRock is no stranger to spectacular Destiny 2 PvE feats having previously acquired the world’s first solo Nezarec and Ir Yut clears. Even so, this latest achievement is the most impressive yet and will be remembered for years to come.

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