Destiny 2 players frustrated over how much Jolt nerf affects lighting debuff

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Destiny 2 players express their frustrations over a recent nerf that impacts the damage output on the Jolt lighting effect.

The Jolt effect entered Destiny 2 as part of the Season 18 Arc 3.0 reworks last year. Notably, the update introduced one buff for Arc Classes alongside two debuffing effects that players can use against opponents.

Jolt, in particular, functions as a chain lighting status effect, such that enemies afflicted with the debuff will transfer the effect to other nearby targets.

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It’s usually a powerful tool; however, a recent nerf to Jolt’s damage output has some fans questioning the latest Destiny update.

Destiny 2 players aren’t too thrilled about the recent Jolt nerf

In a preview for the newly released Season 21, Bungie said it would make “a small reduction [to Jolt’s] potency,” reducing the base PvE damage by 15 percent while also lowering the additional damage scalar vs. major combatants in PvE by about 20 percent.

One player claimed in a Reddit thread that the reduction goes too far, so much so that they believe it’s bugged. Reddit user Shooshadoo_XD wrote, “The chain damage is the same across all weapons as before, but there is no longer a single target damage (what the nerf was targeting). It’s only chain damage. With the nerf, it should be about double dmg on the main target.”

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A few users who replied to the thread think the change is doing exactly what Bungie intended. Others tend to disagree: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Jolt was bugged. Running Shinobus Vow and I feel like I’m doing a LOT less damage, like way more than the nerf would suggest.”

Someone else chimed in to say, “Jolt on Two tailed fox catalyst got a 76% damage nerf.” This particular person hopes it’s a bug since this seems excessive even for Bungie.

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The developer has yet to address the matter; as such, fans can only hope that a fix comes sooner rather than later if a Season 21 bug is indeed overdoing the Jolt nerf.

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