Bungie plotting major Gambit overhaul to ‘save’ struggling Destiny 2 game mode

Destiny 2 GambitBungie

Gambit fans can rest easy – Bungie has confirmed that the hybrid PvE/PvP game mode in Destiny 2 isn’t going anywhere and that a major overhaul is in the pipeline for Season 15 and beyond.

There’s no denying that Gambit has become somewhat of an afterthought in Destiny. Very few actively seek out the mode on a regular basis. Rather, it often serves as a way to complete bounties and nab some powerful drops.

Despite the dip in momentum for the hybrid playlist in recent years, Bungie has promised it’s not going anywhere. In response to a concerned Reddit post on June 28, Destiny Community Manager ‘dmg04’ chimed in to alleviate the worries of Gambit fans.

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The original post called for Gambit to stick around, rather than being ‘deleted, removed, or Thanos snapped’ out of existence. “We do not currently have plans to do any of the things in the title,” dmg assured.

Destiny 2 Gambit gameplayBungie
Gambit isn’t leaving Destiny 2 anytime soon.

So with Gambit sticking around for the long run, what exactly does Bungie have in store? For starters, the devs are currently planning “some minor changes” in Season 15. 

There’s no telling exactly what these initial tweaks may look like just yet. However, there appears to be a certain focus on Gambit’s reputation system at first.

“We’ll have details in a few weeks about various reputation system tweaks. Some of the roadwork for this was done in the Season 14 patch.”

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Beyond the next seasonal update, considerably larger plans are also in the pipeline.

“Deeper improvements to gameplay will come in a later season,” dmg added. As for why a Gambit overhaul isn’t an immediate focus, Bungie is simply aiming to “balance workloads for the team.” 

While this bigger update isn’t locked in with a particular date in mind, one thing is clear. Bungie has no plans to abandon Gambit anytime soon, regardless of rumors or speculation. Further information on the future of Gambit in Destiny 2 should trickle down over the next “few weeks,” according to dmg.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated right here with all the latest.

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