Dead by Daylight update finally brings Stranger Things DLC back after 2-year absence

Liam Ho
Stranger Things Dead by Daylight ImageNetflix/ Behaviour Interactive

Popular asymmetric horror title Dead by Daylight has brought back the Stranger Things DLC after 2 years of being absent from the game.

Dead by Daylight is arguably one of the most unique games available at the moment. The asymmetric multiplayer horror title has been a monolith of its genre. Part of its popularity has come from the introduction of many licensed killers, who are drawn straight from horror pop culture.

Iconic horror movie killers like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Pinhead have all been ported over into the Entity’s Realm, hunting down unfortunate survivors. This along with the highly strategic and addictive gameplay has made Dead by Daylight the top of its genre.

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One horror icon that was pulled from Dead by Daylight, however, was the Demogorgon from Netflix’s popular series Stranger Things. The main antagonist of Season 1, the Demogorgon had its own DLC, including survivors Nancy and Steve and map Hawkin’s National Laboratory. However, despite being pulled two years ago, it seems that Dead by Daylight is reprising the DLC once more.

Dead by Daylight brings back Stranger Things DLC

Announced on the official Dead by Daylight Twitter page, Nancy, Steve, the Demogorgon and Hawkin’s National Lab will be returning once more.

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According to the FAQ, Behaviour Interactive stated that this sort of change was typical for live service games.

“As with all live-service games, frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change are to be expected.” the devs explained.

In terms of if the DLC sticks around in the long term is currently up in the air, with Behaviour saying that occasional changes are to be expected. However, the devs are dedicated to ensuring the legacy of all characters introduced into the game and have requested players purchase the DLC so their gaming experience remains the same.

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