Dead by Daylight x Supermassive collab announced as new single-player project

Liam Ho
The Casting of Frank Stone Dead By Daylight

Asymmetrical horror title Dead by Daylight has announced The Casting of Frank Stone, a new single-player project in collaboration with developer Supermassive Games.

Dead by Daylight is an absolute monolith of a title when it comes to the asymmetrical horror genre. The title has brought famous horror villains to the digital realm, featuring the iconic characters as killers who take down any and all survivors.

Killers like Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, the Xenomorph and more recently Chucky have all been ported over into the Entity’s realm. Each brings over their iconic weapons and perks that are akin to the films and franchises they’re a part of.

Now Dead by Daylight is looking to venture into single-player, announcing a huge collaboration with Supermassive Games, detailing a new single-player project titled The Casting of Frank Stone.

According to the website for The Casting of Frank Stone, players will take part in a haunting mystery of cosmic proportions. What this means is still anyone’s guess, but with devs Supermassive Games at the helm, it’s likely the title will be heavily story-driven. Similar to Dead by Daylight, The Casting of Frank Stone will be a horror game, meaning it’s not for the faint of heart.

The trailer for the title does depict several kids entering a mysterious workshop, with the website stating that players will be able to choose their own fate, implying their choices will have an impact on the story, its characters and its world.

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