Trainwrecks loses his mind after unboxing rare $5,000 CSGO sticker

Andrew Amos

Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam is counting his lucky stars after unboxing an incredibly rare CS:GO sticker on his Twitch stream, turning one capsule into $5,000 in an instant.

Trainwrecks is a freak for a rare case opening or two from CS:GO. He lives life on the edge, and for the popular Twitch streamer, it’s paid dividends in the past.

He’s picked up some great finds, including one time where he pulled a Factory New StatTrak AK-47 Wasteland Rebel, worth $1,500.

It’s not always roses for him either, like his MLG Columbus 2016 Cobblestone souvenir opening which saw him spend $175 just to get a $12 UMP-45 skin.

The thrill of opening a case is too alluring for the streamer, and his thousands of viewers sit on the edge of their seat when he puts it all on the line. That’s what made his recent EMS Katowice 2014 Legends sticker capsule opening all that more intense.

The EMS Katowice 2014 Legends sticker capsule is one of the most sought after items in CS:GO, with the stickers inside being even more lucrative. If you manage to roll a holo sticker, regardless of team, it’s worth thousands.

Because of this, finding a sticker capsule is hard, and getting it for a ‘reasonable’ price is even more difficult. There are no listing on the Steam Community Market for it, which has a hard cap of $1,800, and trying to find one from a third-party reseller online is even harder.

However, after he got his hands on one, he didn’t let his opportunity go to waste. He hyped himself up for the thousand-dollar roll, and as he clicked it, he begged the CS gods to give him something good. And boy, did they deliver.

“I got the LDLC, I got the LDLC,” the streamer screamed, as he had found himself a Team (Holo).

The second-most expensive sticker in the game, the LDLC 2014 (Holo) cannot be found on any regular marketplace nowadays. While it used to go for a handful of dollars back in 2014, it’s now considered one of the game’s rarest items, valued at around $5,000.

Only the Titan 2014 (Holo) ⁠— Train’s desired result from the sticker capsule ⁠— goes for more in the entire collection. If he had netted the sticker of the prestigious French roster who disbanded in 2016, he would have made a cool $11,000.

Trainwrecks couldn’t believe his luck. Whether he will hand off his LDLC Holo now or hold onto it for the future remains to be seen, but either way, Trainwrecks now owns one of the game’s most rare items, and it’ll only go up in value.

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