Trainwreck explains why he turned down millions for CSGO gambling sponsors

Connor Bennett
trainwreck looking into the camera

Streaming star TrainwrecksTV has explained why he turned down CS:GO gambling sponsorships as he wanted nothing to do with the affiliate codes that some sites use. 

Counter-Strike’s skins and stickers market has been booming recently following Valve’s announcement around Counter-Strike 2. Inventories from CS:GO will carry over to the new game, but it has sent prices skyrocketing given the graphical upgrades CS2 will have. 

That’s benefitted a number of collectors who still have some incredibly rare items stored away. Trainwreck is one of those, with the streamer having a collection of skins, holo stickers, and rare sticker capsules worth around $1 million just stored away

Naturally, Train is big into his case openings to try and add skins and knives to his ever-growing collection. And, while he’ll regularly spend hours opening cases on stream, he’s turned down sponsorships that could have been incredibly lucrative for him in the past. 

Trainwreck won’t do CS:GO gambling sponsors despite being offered millions

The Kick streamer joined CS:GO content creator ohnePixel during his May 3 stream, revealing that he’s been offered “millions of dollars” but isn’t a fan of affiliate codes that some gambling sites give to their partnered streamers to entice their viewers to join.

“I really don’t like the codes, any sort of code. Codes would be ok if you could distinguish a pre-existing gambler who is gambling anyways versus a non-gambler,” Train said, adding that some have made it “predatory” with how they act. 

“In my opinion, how I go about it is, I’m a gambler, I enjoy doing it. I go live, I don’t sell a false reality, I don’t do this code bullshit, I don’t tell people they can win or only show wins – I’m losing a large percent of the time.”

Train added that the codes are ‘manipulating’ people who believe they’re getting free money for registering with it but then need to continue playing to withdraw any winnings.

He noted that it “passively and unintentionally” accesses an addiction for players who wouldn’t have previously accessed it without using a code as a way in. “Gambling is already bad but that predatory s*it is what I think makes it really really bad,” Train added.

There has been a clamp down on streamers advertising gambling on Twitch, but it doesn’t quite extend to Counter-Strike or any other games where you have to open cases or packs with real money. 

It remains a grey area with regard to gambling laws and regulations, but Train has laid out his thoughts and won’t get involved it seems.