Trainwreck reveals $1 million CSGO investment he has kept hidden away

trainwreck csgo capsules katowiceTwitch: TrainwrecksTV

Popular Twitch and Kick streamer Trainwreck has been rumored to own a large and very expensive collection of rare items in CS:GO, but has kept it fairly secretive – until now.

Many items in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fetch a very high price, with some skins and knives worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With Counter-Strike 2 revealed, coming in Summer 2023, the market for CS:GO items has also shot up recently, turning a profit for many collectors.

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One such collector is Trainwreck, who has been buying up items in the game for years. And now, he has revealed just how insane his collection is – or at least part of it.

Trainwreck owns 66 Katowice 2014 sticker capsules

The most expensive stickers in CS:GO come from the 2014 Major in Katowice. Team stickers for orgs like Titan and iBuyPower sell for more than $50,000 each.

As a result, the capsules which these stickers can be opened from also cost approximately $12,000, and it’s believed that Trainwreck now owns a large portion of the remaining supply.

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CS:GO streamer Arrow tallied up a total of 66 Katowice capsules in Trainwreck’s inventory, with a total value of around $800,000 – and as more of these capsules are opened, the price is likely to keep rising.

But that’s not all, as Train also has three ‘Titan Holo’ stickers, which currently sell for around $60,000, and are in high demand from Chinese collectors particularly.

This is only one of Trainwreck’s multiple ‘storage units’ too, and there is no telling how much value is locked away in the others.

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There are estimated to be less than 100 of these rare capsules still in circulation, meaning Train now holds over half of the current supply. The exact numbers are unknown as some capsules could be in private inventories or other storage units.

For now, Train says he has no intention of selling these items, clearly hopeful that their price will keep rising. With CS2 on the horizon, it could be a bet that will pay off handsomely.

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