These amazing CSGO knife designs would make for some interesting skins

Alan Bernal

A collection of wild skin designs for Counter Strike: Global Offensive ranging from futuristic to downright hilarious are making some players wish they could be incorporated into the game.

An artist known as ‘sparkwire’ showed off a couple of their newest creations for skin designs to Valve’s popular title. CSGO community members might remember this artist from past work that included the fan-favorite Plastic Knife skin of 2015.

But showing off their entire knife collection so far, sparkwire put a spotlight on the Polymer Knife and the more CSGO-appropriate Kukri concept – both of which go to impressive lengths to show off their designs.

Sparkwire’s Polymer Knife is futuristic and a different direction from the rest of the melee weapons.

“I make these knives on the side as a break from skins, and finally built up enough to show off together. I modeled, textured, and animated all of them,” Sparkwire said. The artist has over 400 Workshop items they created, many of which are skins for various CSGO weapons.

The Polymer would be a huge leap for the current aesthetics of the game, since it takes away from the grounded approach of CSGO for a more futuristic style.

The item has a blue color scheme and comes with its own sheath. While it looks like it would be out of place in the CSGO landscape, the in-game model for the Polymer Knife fits surprisingly well with the rest of the map.

Though the Polymer looks like something Genji from Overwatch would take into a match, sparkwire’s other knife called the Kukri looks like a menacing weapon that the T’s would love to have.

Shown with its curved design, the Kukri would be one of the larger knives if it was implemented in CSGO.

It’s even more imposing than the popular M9 Bayonet or Huntsman knives that are already in the game.

The Kukri knife would be an instant hit with CSGO players.

The same could be said about the artist’s Recon Knife, which is another design that would make a seamless transition to the game as it is.

These designs have become a hit with CSGO players and each could be a fun addition to the main game, if Valve decides to experiment with implementing community created knives in their shooter.

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