ohnePixel loses over $100k in an hour during CSGO case opening

Carver Fisher
ohnepixel loses 100k CSGO case opening

ohnePixel carried out one of the most expensive CSGO case openings ever recorded with roughly $130k worth of cases, sticker capsules, and souvenir packages. He walked away with next to nothing winnings-wise, but he hit over 250k peak viewers during the most expensive openings.

Many of those who open CSGO cases on stream tell their viewers not to try opening expensive cases at home and advise them to buy the skins they want. While there are big winnings to be had for those who are lucky enough to get expensive items, most case openings end in massive losses.

This is especially true of extremely rare and old cases. Souvenir packages and sticker capsules from almost a decade ago are worth thousands on their own and often yield much less than the buy-in unless you get the absolute best items.

ohnePixel set out to make CSGO history by opening some of the game’s oldest cases. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any of the skins he was looking for and wound up turning $130k into almost nothing. xQc predicted that ohne’s case opening wouldn’t end well, and he was right.

ohnePixel suffers over $100k worth of losses in CSGO opening

It’s important to note that, while these openings were a massive loss, it wasn’t ohnePixel’s money to lose. He was given over $130k worth of cases to open, but only after he promised to open them.

ohne stayed true to his word, and his word turned a massive amount of money into dust.

Despite this, 250k peak viewers showed up to watch the opening with an average viewership far above 100k in what was certainly his biggest stream ever.

Those who were there to experience it live have called it a “heartbreaking” experience, with ohne having several close calls on the AK-47 Case Hardened blue gem in particular. He managed to get a Stat-Trak AK at least, but it didn’t have the 661 pattern that could have made ohne an instant millionaire.

Additionally, he didn’t manage to get a single knife over the course of his opening, and all of his souvenir packages were a dud. The AWP Dragon Lore souvenir wasn’t meant to be.

While the result was ultimately a bit disappointing, everyone who got to watch the stream live got to see a once-in-a-lifetime event and made ohnePixel the Twitch streamer with the most live viewers on the platform at the time of the opening.