Staggering 0.3 per cent of CSGO players got a Diamond Coin for BLAST Paris Major

Jeremy Gan

Only 0.3 percent of CSGO players got a Diamond Coin in their Pick’ems for the 2023 Blast Paris Major, showing how many upsets there were in CSGO’s last Major. 

When it comes closer to Major season in CSGO, one of the most important things for a CS fan to discuss and debate over is their Pick’ems for the tournaments. 

Unlike other games, CSGO rewards fans who are able to predict the group stages and playoffs winners right with coins. And depending on your picks, you can either get Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond, and the better you do, the rarer the coin. 

The percentage of Diamond Coins earned is always indicative of how predictable a Major was. And it seemed that CSGO’s very last Major was filled with upsets.

The low percentage of Diamond Coins shows how many upsets there were at Paris

According to a blog post from Leetify, a total of 0.3 percent of players got a Diamond Coin from the BLAST Paris Major, with the majority of users obtaining Gold coins. They decided to omit Bronze coins. 

However, it wasn’t even the lowest percentage for a Major, with 2022’s IEM Rio only having 0.1 percent of players with a Diamond coin. 2021’s PGL Stockholm had the highest percentage of Diamond Coins at 57 percent.

Only a select few CGSO players receive Diamond Coin for Blast Paris Major

The abysmal percentage does tell the stories of the plethora of upsets during the Paris Major. As many probably saw their Diamond Coin dreams get crushed in the Legends stage, when Major favorites like G2, Navi, FURIA and ENCE were eliminated. 

And most did not peg underdogs like Apeks and GamerLegion to go as far as they did during the playoffs, thinking they were going to be stopped by the likes of Team Liquid and Heroic. 

So if you do have a Diamond Coin for the Paris Major Pick’ems, you should probably showcase it proudly in your Steam inventory for somehow managing to pick everything correctly. 

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