CS:GO Paris Major reportedly brought in over $110 million in sticker sales

Declan Mclaughlin
BLAST Paris Major CSGO trophy

The BLAST.tv Paris Major is reportedly the most successful CS:GO tournament in terms of sticker sales as the amount of money teams and players earned is over $110 million.

Valve has slowly been revealing just how much teams and players have been getting from sticker sales over the past few years. The developer claimed in 2019 that the StarLadder Major Berlin earned its 24 participating teams and 120 players over $11 million.

In 2022, the developer revealed that the PGL Antwerp and Stockholm Majors brought in about $70 million from all teams and players combined.

Both prize pools are dwarfed by the 2023 Blast Paris Major, according to reporting from HLTV and Dust2 Brazil, the tournament paid out all teams and players over $110 million.

Paris Major stickers bring in over $110 million combined

The report broke down just how much each team and player got from the cosmetic sales with Contenders teams coming away with about $4.5 million and players walking away with almost $250,000. Teams in the Legends grouping earned about $3.5 million with approximately $200,000 going toward the players. Lastly, Challengers teams left the event with $2.6 million while their players earned about $200,000.

The actual prize pool of the event was $1,250,000 with the winners earning $500,000. The event was also one of the most-watched CS:GO tournaments ever.

Team Vitality lifting the BLAST Paris Trophy.

The difference in sticker sales in this tournament versus previous events is thought to be because of the launch of Counter-Strike 2 while the cosmetics were up for grabs, and their extended sale period. The Paris Major sticker sale lasted almost five months because it was the only Major tournament in 2023.

Team Vitality won the Blast Paris Major after battling through a stacked European qualifying stage. This tournament also saw the rise of GamerLegion, who placed second, and Apeks, who placed fourth.