Valorant fans poke fun at Paris CSGO Major after VCT Masters Tokyo trophy reveal

Declan Mclaughlin
BLAST Paris Major CSGO trophy

Many CS:GO fans have voiced their displeasure over the trophy for the BLAST Paris Major, and now the Valorant community has started to poke fun at it as well.

CS:GO fans have not been quiet about their disdain for the BLAST Paris Major trophy. Some have compared it to a booger and said it is a disgrace to have such a trophy commemorating the winners of the CS:GO Major ever.

One fan even made a video comparing Team Vitality’s triumphant lift of the trophy, after defeating Gamerlegion 2-0, to winning moments from previous Majors with “real trophies” that resemble silverware seen in traditional sports.

The trophy is supposed to somewhat resemble the Eiffel Tower, according to BLAST.

After Riot Games unveiled the trophy for its next international Valorant tournament, VCT Masters Tokyo, CS:GO fans were once again reminded of what the trophy for the final CS:GO Major could have been.

Valorant fans slam CSGO Major trophy

The VCT Masters Tokyo trophy is much bigger than the BLAST Paris Major one and features part of the mask from Valorant’s Japanese Agent, Yoru. The design has been well received by Valorant fans and marks a significant change from previous Masters trophies.

The fans then took their appreciation a step further and compared the Riot Games-crafted trophy to what CS:GO fans had to watch Vitality lift after the team won the Major.

“Better than the Paris Major trophy,” one Twitter user said.

One Valorant fan said the VCT Masters trophy “mogs” the BLAST one, which looks like something the children’s television network Nickelodeon would give out.

Esports trophies in the past have looked like traditional sports’ silverware. For more recent events, tournament organizers and developers have gotten creative and gone away from tradition to make trophies that stand out.

Some have missed the mark, like BLAST’s attempt at a unique design, while others, like the trophy for Masters Tokyo, have been a hit with fans.

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