Apeks pull off historic win at BLAST Paris CSGO Major

Declan Mclaughlin
Apeks csgo

Apeks have made CS:GO history at the 2023 BLAST Paris Major, recording the third-ever 16-0 map win at an international major in their match against Australian side Grayhound.

CS:GO Majors have seen their fair share of one-sided stomps, but a 16-0 win is still a rare sight to behold. At the final CS:GO Major, the 2023 BLAST Paris Major, the European side Apeks managed to pull off a dominant 16-0 win in the Challengers Stage against Grayhound.

In the best-of-one matchup, the two teams settled on Mirage as their battleground for their second match of the tournament. Apeks took control of the match early and did not let Grayhound get a foothold in any of the rounds.

Justinas ‘jL’ Lekavicius led Apeks in the match with a 23/4 Kills/Deaths ratio and a 2.01 HLTV rating. The win puts Apeks at the top of the Challengers Stage standings with a 2-0 record and a plus 20 round differential.

Apeks put up historic numbers at final CSGO Major

Apeks are only the second team to have ever pulled off a 16-0 map at a CS:GO Major as Astralis has managed the feat two other times. During their dynasty run, the Danish team managed to 16-0 both MIBR and Cloud9 in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

There are still three more rounds to go in the Challengers Stage of the BLAST Paris Major as only the top eight teams will move on. Thanks to their historically dominant win, Apeks have put themselves in a great spot to advance to the next stage.

Grayhound, meanwhile, is not out of the running to move on yet, despite the horrific loss, as the Australian team managed to win its first match against FORZE Esports. They now sit in the top half of the table with a 1-1 record and a minus 14 round differential.