Fan who unboxed CSGO knife at BLAST Paris Major 2023 admits it was faked

Jeremy Gan

A man who unboxed a CSGO knife live at the Blast Paris Major 2023 admits the opening was faked, trolling more than a million viewers and a sold out stadium. 

CSGO and skin cases are synonymous with each other. The pioneer of cases, CSGO’s esports scene and skin community is truly baked into one another. And no moment captures this perfectly than a case unboxing during a major. 

We aren’t sure who was the first to do it, but there has been clips of fans going it since 2019. It’s always a hyped moment, however it rarely results in a good skin, unless the fan has amazing luck. 

However, during the grand finals of CSGO’s last Major, a player decided to unbox a Chroma 3 case and somehow hit the jackpot with a knife. However, it seems it was too good to be true. 

In a downtime moment during the grand finals, the camera cut to a fan’s laptop with a case ready to be opened, a familiar sight in the Major so far. Only this time, he unboxed a knife, which sent the entire stadium wild. 

The clip went viral, with Blast’s twitter spreading the moment. However, immediately after the clip made its way around the internet, Ale, a CSGO dataminer pointed out that the unboxing is most likely faked. 

Pointing out that the fan’s unboxing was missing an added function. “[Valve] added the inspect items button in August 2022 which is missing here which proves the clip is a fake old recording” he said. 

Eventually after the Major, streamer OhnePixel would go on to talk to the fan to ask if the clip was fake or not, which was where it was revealed. 

Unfortunately, the fan confirmed it was all fake. “So, boys. It was all staged, it was all faked!” he said. “It was the greatest lie from the beginning, I’m not here to lie anymore, it was faked.”

Naturally, Ohne and much of the community found the hilarity of it, which just added to CSGO’s very last Major.