New CSGO map Anubis could be joining Active Duty Pool in coming weeks


Just two weeks after being added into the game, Anubis could be finding itself in CS:GO’s competitive map rotation, replacing either Mirage or Vertigo.

Anubis was added into CS:GO at the end of March, however, it could soon be making its way to the big stage.

Rumors are circulating that Anubis could replace one of the pre-existing competitive maps ⁠— Inferno, Train, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Dust II, and Vertigo — and that it’s coming soon.

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B Site screenshot of Anubis CS:GO mapValve
de_anubis was the winner of the Mapcore Exotic Places contest.

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According to former Ukrainian CS:GO pro Arsenij ‘ceh9’ Trynozhenko, Anubis could be making its way to the Active Duty Map pool in a matter of weeks.

It comes after Anubis was moved into the ranked map pool after just a week of being live on official servers, and two weeks since being added into the game. Chlorine, which was added at the same time, remains available in Scrimmage mode only.

Valve has pushed a number of updates to Anubis in recent patches. The community-made map had some lighting and texture issues, although these have slowly been ironed out as time goes on.

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The video below is in Russian.

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Anubis’ addition into the active duty pool ⁠— which is used at all Valve-sponsored Major tournaments ⁠— will come at the cost of one pre-existing map. It’s believed one of either Mirage or Vertigo will have to make space for the new map.

Mirage is the only map in CS:GO history to have 24/7 up-time in the Active Duty pool. Since 2012, Mirage has been available in every tournament, from grassroots level to Majors.

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Vertigo is the polar opposite. It joined the Active Duty pool just 12 months ago, and has only seen play at one Major ⁠— StarLadder Berlin 2019. Vertigo has undergone some big changes in recent patches though, and Valve might be looking at tinkering with it further.

Mirage A site in CS:GOValve
Mirage has never been removed from the Active Duty pool.

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Anubis moving into Active Duty is all speculation, for now. Until Valve comes out saying the map pool will be updated, nothing can be expected to change.

With six months between now and the Rio Major, making changes now would be optimal so teams can adapt to the new maps. We can only wait and see.

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