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CSGO March 31 update adds two new maps, Prisma 2 case, more

Published: 1/Apr/2020 2:18 Updated: 1/Apr/2020 9:22

by Andrew Amos


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s March 31 patch marks the end of Operation Shattered Web, but Valve have kicked right into action with adding new content, releasing two new maps into the pool and a case full of new weapon skins.

Valve has wasted no time cranking out new content for CS:GO after the end of Operation Shattered Web.

A patch shipped on March 31 has added two new maps to the official matchmaking pool in certain modes, while a case jam-packed with new skins will now be available in drops. This is on top of a couple of small bug fixes.

Agency and Chlorine community maps added

Valve recognized two of the top finalists in the Mapcore Exotic Places map contest, and gave them a place in official matchmaking as a prize. Anubis and Chlorine will be added to scrimmage and casual official servers, but not competitive or other queues.

B Site screenshot of Anubis CS:GO map
de_anubis was the winner of the Mapcore Exotic Places contest.

While the name might imply that Anubis is based on Overwatch’s Temple of Anubis, it’s very much different.

The four-square style map was the outright winner of the Mapcore contest, and it’s easy to see why. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and gameplay-wise, there’s plenty of little angles and rotates to work with.

Chlorine, on the other hand, is one of the more innovative maps CS:GO has seen. Set in an abandoned theme park, the path to A site from both spawns is laid out across a drained-out water ride.


It’s a lot more open than Anubis, and its layout lends itself to explosive gunfights from afar.

Canal to A site on de_chlorine in CS:GO
Lost on Chlorine? Follow the canal to A site.

Agency and Chlorine will replace Breach and Studio on official matchmaking servers. The two departing maps will still be available for custom servers, however.

New CS:GO Prisma 2 case adds 17 skins

The Prisma case has received a sequel in the March 31 update. The creatively-named Prisma 2 case contains 17 new weapon skins, and a chance to get chroma finishes for the Horizon Knives.


There are two Covert skins in the case, as well as three Classified, five Restricted, and seven Mil-Spec skins. The case is filled with neon, and the colors only get brighter as the rarity goes up.

M4A1-S Player Two skin render for CS:GO
The M4A1-S Player Two skin is one of two Covert skins in the Prisma 2 case.

A full list of all the skins added can be found below:

  • Glock-18: Bullet Queen (Covert / Red)
  • M4A1-S: Player Two (Covert / Red)
  • MAG-7: Justice (Classified / Pink)
  • MAC-10: Disco Tech (Classified / Pink)
  • AK-47: Phantom Disruptor (Classified / Pink)
  • SSG 08: Fever Dream (Restricted / Purple)
  • SG 553: Darkwing (Restricted / Purple)
  • P2000: Acid Etched (Restricted / Purple)
  • SCAR-20: Enforcer (Restricted / Purple)
  • Sawed-Off: Apocalypto (Restricted / Purple)
  • R8 Revolver: Born Forged (Mil-Spec / Blue)
  • MP5-SD: Desert Strike (Mil-Spec / Blue)
  • Negev: Prototype (Mil-Spec / Blue)
  • Desert Eagle: Blue Ply (Mil-Spec / Blue)
  • CZ75-Auto: Distressed (Mil-Spec / Blue)
  • AWP: Capillary (Mil-Spec / Blue)
  • AUG: Tom Cat (Mil-Spec / Blue)
Prisma Case knife display for CS:GO
There’s a chance to get a knife from the Prisma case in the Prisma 2 case.

Outside of the new maps and skins, a few minor bug fixes were shipped. None of them have a major impact on gameplay though.

If you were wondering about stuttering fixes, a patch for Nvidia video card users was shipped on March 27 to help solve the problem. An update for AMD users should be on the way in the coming weeks.

You can find the full patch notes below.

CS:GO March 31 full patch notes


  • Breach and Studio are no longer available on official matchmaking servers.
  • Anubis and Chlorine have been added to official Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage game modes.

Operation Shattered Web

  • Operation Shattered Web is now over. Players who have an Operation Shattered Web coin in their inventory at this time will receive commemorative inscriptions on their coin with the number of completed operation missions and number of stars attained.

Prisma 2 Case

  • Introducing the Prisma 2 Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and the Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes as rare special items.


  • Players who are eligible for cross-promotional content from The Master Chief Collection and Half-Life: Alyx will be able to receive the cross-promotional CS:GO items even if they are VAC banned in CS:GO.
  • Fixed game state integration data output for clients in team coach slot.
  • Fixed misalignment of agent poses on main menu.
  • Added missing voice lines for Mr. Muhlik.

How Tabsen rebuilt German Counter-Strike

Published: 13/Oct/2020 1:51

by Alan Bernal


German Counter-Strike was a marvel to see in the days of 1.6, and it’s been a long time since the scene had much acclaim. But Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz has slowly been building up the country’s prominence in the esport alongside the rest of the BIG lineup.

Hailing from pre-Source era LANs, tabseN was there when the Germans were a force to be reckoned with, alongside the neighboring French teams of the time. But that pales in comparison to modern CS:GO, where a German player has yet to even grace a grand finals for a Major.


Looking to right that wrong, tabseN would leave NRG Esports in 2017 to create Berlin International Gaming (BIG). He linked up with Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik and Nikola ‘LEGIJA’ Ninic to take Germany back to its CS glory days.

The early road was rocky, to say the least. Roster changes and injuries marred the first couple years.


This made it hard for tabseN and co. to put together any meaningful results, with only minor success or deep bracket runs that would fizzle out before reaching the finals. TabseN didn’t win a single championship in 2019, that was his first dry year since 2012.

Then the online era of 2020 rolled around, where he was now the prominent IGL and the team had added Florian ‘syrsoN’ Rische and Nils ‘k1to’ Gruhne to the lineup.

Like classic German engineering, he would create a team that could withstand major obstacles and persist pressure. This is the story of how tabseN rebuilt German Counter-Strike.