FMPONE shows off new artwork from CSGO Cache rework

Bill Cooney

The creator of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Cache map, FMPONE, has shared another teaser on their rework that shows a small bit of the new map. 

The Active Duty CS:GO map Cache was removed from the Competitive pool on March 29 and replaced by Vertigo. It may have been a long time coming for the old version of Cache, considering its use in competitive play had seen quite the decline.

The Cache rework has been hinted at by its creator FMPONE for quite some time, with an update on May 21 that showed some sweeping changes still needed to be made, and now they’ve thrown out another teaser for the reworked map.

ValveCache was a favorite in the CS:GO Competitive map pool.

What’s the newest leak?

FMPONE changed their Twitter header on September 9 to an image that appears to be from the reworked Cache map currently in development.

But the designer didn’t share an update on the map’s progress, so we don’t know any more about how far along the rework is other than what has previously been shared, like in the June 24 update.

The update from June 24 still showed work to be done around the B bombsite.

The latest screenshot from FMPONE shows some graffitti next to a tree, neither of which were present in the original map.

It’s unknown if this is a preview of what the rest of the map could look like, but it is a significant change from the old, industrial Cache we all know and love.

It could be the map is being updated to show how time has affected Cache in the years since it’s release in 2012, but until the map actually drops we won’t know for sure.

FMPONEThis would certainly be a fresh, new look for Cache.

When will the new Cache be released?

In previous updates to the game, maps like Inferno and Mirage were reworked quite a bit to allow for things like new grenade spots, as well as better takes and holds on bombsites.

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The newly reworked Cache will probably get a similar treatment, but so far we don’t have enough information about what changes are coming or even when the new map will be released.

Even though there’s no confirmed time frame for when fans and pro players can expect to jump back into Cache, it’s likely we’ll have to wait until the end of this current Major cycle, which wraps up on September 8, before Valve changes the map pool again.

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